Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: First Day Back at the Track

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Last Wednesday was my first day back at the Oakville Track in 3 weeks.  I was nervous because I didn’t know how my freshly heeled achilles tendon would hold up.  My achilles was a bit tender during the early stages of the 4km warm up around the marsh, but my achilles started to loosen up about half way through the warm up.


When we got back to the track, a couple of the guys were planning on doing a 6 X 800m workout with a 200m recovery in between each set.  I said I would tag along for the workout and see how things felt.  The first 2 intervals were fine.  I didn`t experience any sharp achilles pain and our times were about 3 minutes for each interval.  The third interval was more of a struggle though.  I still didn`t feel any pain, but I just felt a winded after 600m of the interval.  I decided to take a slower 200m recovery, and told my running buddies to start the next interval without me.  The last 3 intervals were a lot slower than the first two.  Again, there was still no pain but my cardio levels was clearly not where it was before I got injured.

Overall, I felt happy with my first track workout back.  The next morning, my achilles was pretty tender as I walked.  I was happy that Thursday was my recovery day, which meant there was no running for me. My next big workout on the schedule was my Sunday morning long run with my Nomads running club.  I will keep you all updated.

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