Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: CIBC Run for the Cure – 2011

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Sunday Oct 2, 2011 was the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K charity event in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  This event was taking place in different cities across Canada.  I chose to participate in the event taking place in Burlington, which also included the cities of Hamilton & Oakville.  My Nomads Running Club buddy Brian Baird, asked me to participate with him, and since this was my scheduled taper-Sunday Run (16K on the menu), I decided to run this event with him.

The plan was to do a warm-up 6 km, race 5 km, and then cool down another 5 km in order to total 16 km.  When Maria, Tristan, Mason & I arrived at the event, we were greeted with a sea of Pink & White.

Everyone was decked out in these colours, and there were pockets of teams everywhere posing for camera shots.  We entered the gym to register for the event.  I received a white Run for the Cure T-shirt, which I promptly put on.  I also got a blank Racing Bib which I was supposed to write who I was running for.

I wrote my Tita Maring (my aunt) & Tita Thelma (Maria’s aunt).  We also got a few breast cancer awareness pins which we pinned on the Boy’s jackets. When I got back from my 6 km warm-up, I joined back up with Maria & the Boys and we headed to the Race Expo.  Tristan & Mason got their face painted and received some animal balloons.

There was also a big stage where kids were dancing to music… The Boys quickly joined them and were trying to outshine everyone with their dance moves.  They eventually got noticed by many of the teenagers in the crowd, who were cheering them on.

I met Brian Baird at the starting line.  He told me that this was the 6 year that he would be running this event.  He had won last year in the pouring rain, and a few years before that.  I told him that I would try to hang on with him for as long as I could.  When the starting whistle blew, everyone bolted out of the gate.  There was a group of about 10 boys who sprinted into the lead, but at about 100m, they threw their hands up in the air in celebration and then just stopped and walked.  Brian & I ran smoothly with the leaders.

At the end, Brian finished 1 overall.  I finished 3 overall.  For our 5 km cool down, we ran the course again, but this time backwards.  We saw the huge crowd of walkers finishing the course, and cheered everyone on.  The energy was fantastic.

Almost $750,000 was raised by our Burlington/Hamilton/Oakville event…. Happy Running!

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