Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Chilly Half-Marathon 2012

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On Sunday March 4, 2012 was the Chilly Half Marathon inBurlington,Ontario.  It was a beautiful -4 degree Celsius day with a brisk 20 km/h wind blowing from the north.

Matt Leduc was the winner in a blistering time of 1:08:28.  Fellow Nomads Running Club member, Kyle Aitken ran a personal best of 1:12:58.  (Kyle had told me the Wednesday before that he was looking to do 1:13-1:14, so he crushed his goal time.)  Corky Smith ran an impressive 1:22:30.

This was my 5 consecutive Chilly Half.  Last year at this race, I ran a personal best of 1:27:43, however I wasn’t expecting to do that well this year due to some poor summer race results.  I had recently had two months of good training, so my goal was to run a sub-1:30, and my game plan was to run with my Nomad’s Running Club pack.

There were about 6 of us who were planning on running sub-1:30, so if I stayed with them, I would be okay.  I ran with Ryszard Kagan (1:27:46) for the first 8-9 km, then he started to pull away and I lost him in the crowd.  Jeremy “Batman” Lobo (1:28:20) caught & passed me at 13km, while at 14km, Steven Van Alstine (1:28:18) pulled up beside me and ran with me for a while.

At around 16km however I was running by myself again as I chased Batman & Steven in the far distance.  At around 19km, I looked behind me and I saw Sean Sweeney (1:29:10) & Carl Young (1:29:30) quickly gaining on me, so I started to kick it into another gear for the last 2km. I turned the corner, and ran towards the finish line with at time of1:28:59.  Not quite as fast as last year’s Chilly time, but I did meet my goal.

 My next race is the Around the Bay 30K race inHamilton,Ontario at the end of March.  Three more weeks of good training to go.  Happy Running!


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