Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Chicago Trip – 2011

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Here’s another Blog by a Mississauga Chiropractor….

This past Thanksgiving Weekend was spent in Chicago.  I was running the Chicago Marathon Sunday morning, so we decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and endure the 8 hour-long drive down with the kids on Saturday.  Both Maria and I had been to Chicago many times when we were younger, however we always stayed with relatives in the suburbs so we had yet to tour downtown Chicago.

We left the house at 12am with hopes to arrive in Chicago some time around 8am.  The trip down wasn’t too bad.  The kids slept most of the way, so the only issues were trying to staying awake and driving in the dark since there were hardly any cars out to follow, and the highway didn’t have any lights.

The race expo was scheduled to open at 9am at Chicago`s McCormick Place.  We were impressed with ourselves because we reached Chicago at 8:30am… Right on time.  We found a parking attendant and asked him where the best place to park was.  He told us that the expo wans`t going to open for another 1.5 hours.  He then told us that it was only 7:30am… We totally forgot about the time zone change.

Since we had some time to kill, we decided to try to check into our Hyatt hotel early.  The girl at the front desk told us that there was a room available, but it only had one king size bed and the room was kind of small, however the view was excellent.  We figured that the four of us could all squeeze into one bed, so we decided to take it.  To our surprise, our `small` room turned out to be a large suite.

As we opened the front doors to the room, we were greeted by a long dining room table.  The bed folded out from behind some couches that were in front of a flat screen TV.  The view was also quite stunning.  Initially, Maria & I thought they had made a mistake, so we decided not to unpack right away.  We figured that they either gave us the wrong room, or they tricked us into paying for a really expensive room…. Luckily for us, when we called down to check, everything was okay.

At the Race Expo, I was able to find my Brook’s ST Racers running shoes on sale for $76.  I also got a Chicago Marathon Jacket & long sleeve shirt… I also found my name on a billboard that had all 47,000 competitors who were signed up for the marathon.  After the we left the Expo, we decided to walk to the John Hancock building, and visit all the shops along the way.

The boys had fun at the Lego Store, Hershey Chocolate Store & Disney Store… While Maria enjoyed her stores as well.

We also decided to see the giant mirrored bean, both Maria & Tristan had fun posing around this structure.  We also tried Chicago`s famous deep dish pizza.  I was just expecting to taste something similar to our Pizza Hut deep dish, but I was pleasantly surprised that the crust was flaky like a pie and the cheese as extra gooey.

Then next day while I was running my marathon, Maria, Tristan & Mason decided to visit the Field Museum.  They saw the many dinosaurs and taxidermy animals.  We left Chicago at around 4pm in hopes to get back home in time for Thanksgiving lunch at my mother`s place.  We ended up getting home at 2am…. So we conquered Chicago in 30 hours.  Great City… Can`t wait to visit again.  Just another day in the life of a Mississauga Chiropractor.


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