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On Sunday October 9, 2011, I participated in the Chicago Marathon.  I was excited to be 1 of 47,000 runners toeing the line at this Major Marathon.  Fellow Nomad’s Running club member Ryszard Kagan was running the race with me, and our time goal was to finish in 3:10.

Ryszard & I planned to meet in the lobby of our Hyatt Hotel at 6am.  This would give us plenty of time to check our bags, find our starting corral, make our last bathroom stop and complete a sufficient 15 minute warm up before the starting gun was scheduled to fire at 7:30am.  As we walked toward Columbus & Jackson Street, we were accompanied by a mass of other runners all chatting in the early morning darkness.  Race photographers were everywhere snaping photos of all the nervous participants.

After our warm up we proceeded to our seeded corral.  The bottleneck effect of runners pushing to get into their respective corrals was quite stressful.  Impatient runners decided to scale the barricading fence or crawl under the pre-hydration tables to get closer to the front of the line.  I tried my best to stay behind Ryszard, as he pushed his way through the crowd.

Finally, 7:30am arrived, and the race began.  The temperature at the start of the race was a cool 15 degrees Celsius (unfortunately for me, this wouldn’t last).  Ryszard and I ran side-by-side through the first 21 km of the race.  At the half way point, I saw my Maria and my sons Tristan & Mason cheering on the sideline.

Tristan stuck out his hand and I gave him a low five.  “Go Daddy!  You are looking strong!”… I felt really good at this point.  We were on our 3:10 pace too, consistently hitting our 4:30 min/km marks.  However, at about 23km, things started to go south for me.  I felt the temperature start to gradually rise and I started to feel the sun beating over me.  I gradually started to slow down and watched Ryszard as he disappeared in front of me.

Suddenly my muscles at the front of my legs began to seize up causing me to start hobbling, and then eventually walk at 25 km.  As I walked for a few minutes I met another fellow who was also walking.  I asked him how he was feeling, and he said, “not too great”.  His name was Mark from Arizona.  He had just run the Arizona Rock & Roll Marathon in 2:56 but similar to me, had encountered a setback today.  We decided to work together and try to jog to each mile marker, and then walk for a few minutes before running again.

This plan worked well, as we exchanged a few stories about our running experiences.  As I approached the finish line, I looked up and saw that the temperature had reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit which equates to almost 30 degrees Celsius.  This sudden rise in temperature was probably the cause of my demise since I had just run the Sunday before in a cool 6 degrees Celsius weather.  I finished in a slow 4:07.

Overall, the Chicago Marathon was a great experience.  I enjoyed the scenic flat route and I felt the fantastic energy that the city provided.  I will definitely try this Marathon again.  Happy running!


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