Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Bunk House Kids

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With Mason turning 2 this week it was time to move him out of the crib and into a bed.  Due to the size of Tristan & Mason`s bedroom, two beds would be a tight squeeze.  So Sunday was Bunk Bed Shopping Day.  Maria and I google-image-searched a bunch of bunk beds in the GTA and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to find a bunk bed that had stairs rather than a ladder (we figured it would be safer for Mason).

We narrowed our choices to four different store.  First stop was Bunk House Kids, located at 1911 Avenue Rd, Toronto (Avenue Road & Brooke Avenue).  This was a nice little 2-storey shop, filled with many different bunk beds.

We asked the owner about the `bunk bed with stairs` and he brought us right to the bunk bed we saw on the internet.  Maria immediately fell in love with it.  Tristan quickly climbed to the top bunk, while Mason was content to sit on the bottom bunk.  Each stair also functioned as a drawer, which was very functional.


We decided to forgo the other bunk bed shops on our list, opted to `take it`.  We chose a single mattress for the top bunk and a double mattress for the bottom bunk.

So for now, the two boys have to share Tristan`s current double bed.  But in 8 weeks, it`s Bunk Bed Time!!!

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