Mississauga Chiropractor Presents: Thanksgiving 2011

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Here’s another Blog by a Mississauga Chiropractor….

Thanksgiving 2011, was to be celebrated at my mother’s Mississauga Ovations condo across of the Square One Mall.  It was scheduled fornoon, so we had a few hours to kill before we would drop by.  We decided to take Tristan for a haircut since he had his ‘Picture Day’ at the school the following morning.

Normally we bring Tristan to the closest First Choice Haircutters, but since it was Thanksgiving Monday, all the stores were closed.  Luckily for us Square One was open, so we brought Tristan to Melonheads.

The last time Tristan was a Melonheads he was small enough to fit in their special chairs which resembled different vehicles (Thomas the Train, a motorcycle, a plane, etc.).  Since Tristan is turning 7 next month, he felt he was too “mature” to sit in the “kiddie chairs”, so he opted for the regular barber’s chair.  Tristan got his customary spiky haircut and chose a blue hair spray for the finishing touches.

When we got to my mom’s condo, we presented her with a beautiful Thanksgiving themed flower arrangement from my friend Dittie Voegel who owns Wonika Foral Designs (Tel.: 905-846-5533).  My mother was excited to show the boys her scary pre-Halloween decorations.  Our Thanksgiving meal was quite filling.  We had the big turkey filled with “Chinese sticky rice stuffing, we had Chinese fried chicken & noodles plus some Filipino dishes and desserts.

Our entertainment for the afternoon was watching a few Filipino shows that my mom taped for us all (my in-laws & cousin’s family were in attendance too).  We watched the finale of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition (exactly the same as the American version).  We also watched clips from Pilipinas Got Talent (a spin-off ofAmerica’s Got Talent).  The winner was a guy who could sing both the male & female parts of a duet.  The second place team was a brother duo who learned how to tap dance by watching the cartoon “Happy Feet”.

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving celebration.  Just another day in the life of a chiropractor.

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