Dynamic Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center Running Event in Mississauga

    Event Information

    You don’t have to be the fastest… Just the smartest! 

    The Dynamic Wellness 3K Prediction Run/Walk is an event for everyone.  For those of you who are new to running & physical activity, it is an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the scenic views along Lakeshore Mississauga & the beautiful Jack Darling Park.  For those of you who are  training for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or full marathon, it is a great chance to practice your pacing and get in some fast speed work.

    Rather than conducting all these events, the team of skilled and expert professional chiropractors of Dynamic Chiropractor Health Care offer massage therapy and athletic therapy for runner and athletics.

    Come and enjoy this community event. Support your fellow runners by continuing to stay healthy & active.


    Each participant will pay a $5 entry fee and the winner will receive half the pot of all the money collected. The other half of the money pot will be donated to the Arthritis Society.

    Watches will not be permitted on the course.

    Each participant will predict their finishing time, and the closest predicted time to the actual finishing time will win.

    There are no road marshals, so each participant is asked to use caution when crossing the roads


    The race will start east of Lakeshore Road & Johnson’s Lane.  Each participant will run/walk east on Lakeshore Road and follow the outlined route which will be annouced at the start of the race.


    Participants can register online at the Running Room Website (click here), or on race day from 9:00am-10:15am at Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre, located at 1020 Johnson’s Lane, Unit A2.

    On race day, each participant will pay the $5 entry fee (if they have not already registered online), submit their predicted time & receive their bib number.

    The race will start promptly at 10:30am


     There is available parking at the Dhillon Centre Plaza located at the north west corner of Lakeshore Road & Johnson’s Lane.  Participants can also park in the residential area, but please be respectful to the neighbourhood (3hr limited municipal parking on public streets).
    Please do not park at the Senior’s Home located at the southeast corner of Lakeshore Road & Johnson’s Lane.

    Getting There

    From the QEW:  Exit south on Erin Mills Parkway.  Turn east on Lakeshore. Turn north on Johnson’s Lane.
    From the Lakeshore:  Follow along Lakeshore Road, the race is located between Clarkson Road & Lorne Park Rd.
    Direction from 403:  Exit south on Erin Mills Parkway.  Turn east on Lakeshore.  Turn north on Johnson’s Lane


    Women Time Difference
    Melanie Gagnon  1 second (Feb, 2013) 
    Maria Dumol 2 seconds (Mar, 2011)
    Gita Gupta 2 seconds (July, 2011)
     Wendy Kennick 2 seconds (Aug, 2013) 
    Jennifer Raven 3 seconds (Sept, 2011)
    Rebecca Cuff 4 seconds (Nov, 2010)
    Geraldine Cabral 4 seconds (Feb, 2011)


    Men Time Difference
    Harrison Nguyen 0 seconds (Oct, 2010)
    Andrew Ross 1 second (Sept, 2011)
    Ryan Fitzsimmons 1 second (May, 2011; Jan, 2012)
     Steve Wilkinson 1 second (Sept, 2013) 
    Bruce Campbell 2 seconds (Mar, 2011; May, 2011)
    Ryan Fitzsimmons 2 seconds (Mar, 2012)
    John Dacosta 2 seconds (Nov, 2010)
    Ed Chase 2 seconds (June, 2011)
    Braydon Rennie  2 seconds (Jan, 2013) 
     Alfonso Isidro 2 seconds (Sept, 2013) 


    Fastest Actual Times
    Men Finishing Time
     Braydon Rennie 9:14 (Apr, 2013) 9:40 (Feb, 2013) 
    Kyle Aitken 9:42 (Aug, 2010)
    Women Finishing Time
    Natasha Herron 11:21 (June, 2012)